How to Increase Height Naturally – Tips and Tricks to Grow Easily

Looking forward to increasing your weight from years? Don’t worry guys we are here to help you with some tips that determine your overall personality.  This puniness is caused due to the insufficiency of hormones and nutrient food. You may feel embarrassed when you go in group, so to make you feel confident and happy here we have collected top 8 tips on how to increase height naturally

How to Increase Height Naturally

Top 8 tips on How to Increase Height Naturally

Proper enough Sleep:

Proper enough Sleep

If you are trying hard to grow then try to have sound sleep for about 8 to 11 hours this helps in releasing human growth hormone in your body. In order to have the good sound sleep, have the fresh bath before you go to bed.

Consume a balanced diet.

balanced diet

Try to have a food in your diet that is rich in calcium and iron content like leafy vegetables, meat, fish and a glass of milk at night for strong muscle growth. In order to gain your weight try to have fish as it has enough vitamin D in it.

Active routine

Try to participate in almost all sports activities like tennis, basketball, swimming, and cycling. This helps in stretching all your legs and hands for about 3 inches.

Try not to stunt

Make yourself keen about your health, if you do any carelessness your height may stunt. It’s in your hands as any of the natural environmental influences are not responsible for it. if you take drugs and alcohol there is a possibility of stunting


Try to have little caffeine, as caffeine increases your sleeping hours due to which you may feel drowsy whole day

Stop smoking

Stop smoking

Scientific studies say that smoking is a key aspect in decreasing your height. Avoid smoking.

Maintaining the Correct Posture

Try maintaining a good and perfect posture from childhood like chin high, sitting straight on a chair, hips over your feet while walking or standing and keeping your shoulders straight will have good effects on your height. Do not bend while walking as strong back plays a vital role in increasing your height.



Try to do some regular exercises daily in the morning and in the evening to make all your muscles get stretched well.

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