7 foods to avoid before bed

Late night snacks and improper food intake will disturb your sleep and health condition. This late-night fast food, snacks, cheesy foods not only disturb your sleep but even make you feel uneasy in the next morning. We usually lose our sleep due to overstress in our daily activities and we should not make taking junk food as one reason behind sleepless nights. To give you a good, fine and sound sleep here we are providing few top 10 Food Items To Avoid Before Bed.

Top 7 foods to avoid before bed



Avoid eating chocolates that have more caffeine in it as they show some effect on the brain that makes people not to sleep properly. So avoid having coffee before going to bed.

Ice Cream

Ice Cream

As ice cream has more fat content in it, it won’t get digested soon and will make you get awaked

Sugar content foods:

Sugar content foods

Try to avoid eating foods that have more sugar content in it before going to bed as they cause nightmares. So try to stay away from cookies, cake, sweet snacks and white bread

Greasy or fat-filled foods:

Greasy or fat-filled foods

Greasy and fatty foods will make you feel sluggish the next morning and even will not allow digesting your food easily. So better to stay away from foods like nuts, ice cream, fast food or cheesy foods before you go to bed.



Another important food that disturbs your sleep is alcohol. Having alcohol before going to bed will make you feel drowsy the next morning instead of giving the sound sleep.

Spicy food:

Spicy food

Avoid having spicy food as they cause an increase in the amount of stomach acid that could result in a burning feeling in chest and stomach. So try to have a food that is less spicy.

Fried food:

Fried food

Try to keep away yourself from fried foods like chips, fries and more as they have full-fat content in them and they will make you feel discomfort during the night. So better to have snacks that are made out of fresh vegetables.

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