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How to Increase Height Naturally – Tips and Tricks to Grow Easily

Looking forward to increasing your weight from years? Don’t worry guys we are here to help you with some tips that determine your overall personality.  This puniness is caused due to the insufficiency of hormones and nutrient food. You may feel embarrassed when you go in group, so to make you feel confident and happy here we have collected top 8 tips on how to increase height naturally

How to Increase Height Naturally

Top 8 tips on How to Increase Height Naturally

Proper enough Sleep:

Proper enough Sleep

If you are trying hard to grow then try to have sound sleep for about 8 to 11 hours this helps in releasing human growth hormone in your body. In order to have the good sound sleep, have the fresh bath before you go to bed.

Consume a balanced diet.

balanced diet

Try to have a food in your diet that is rich in calcium and iron content like leafy vegetables, meat, fish and a glass of milk at night for strong muscle growth. In order to gain your weight try to have fish as it has enough vitamin D in it.

Active routine

Try to participate in almost all sports activities like tennis, basketball, swimming, and cycling. This helps in stretching all your legs and hands for about 3 inches.

Try not to stunt

Make yourself keen about your health, if you do any carelessness your height may stunt. It’s in your hands as any of the natural environmental influences are not responsible for it. if you take drugs and alcohol there is a possibility of stunting


Try to have little caffeine, as caffeine increases your sleeping hours due to which you may feel drowsy whole day

Stop smoking

Stop smoking

Scientific studies say that smoking is a key aspect in decreasing your height. Avoid smoking.

Maintaining the Correct Posture

Try maintaining a good and perfect posture from childhood like chin high, sitting straight on a chair, hips over your feet while walking or standing and keeping your shoulders straight will have good effects on your height. Do not bend while walking as strong back plays a vital role in increasing your height.



Try to do some regular exercises daily in the morning and in the evening to make all your muscles get stretched well.

How to Walk in Heels Without Pain – Enjoy Your Walk with High Heels

Every woman loves wearing heels or shoes as they are their close friends that make you look smarter, stylish and taller. People love wearing marvelous heels but few feel discomfort due to the pain caused by wearing them. Even when they try hard to wear them as they give them some confidence to move in groups. I have good news for you. Here I have collected a few tips and tricks on how to walk high heels with no pain

How to Walk in Heels Without Pain

how to walk in heels without pain

Tips on How to Walk in High Heels Without Pain –

  • In the initial stage try to learn in such a way as you make a small kid to learn walking. As soon as you wear the high heels try to take small steps slowly without bending your knees. Taking small steps to make you feel contented
  • Try to leave the heels as soon as you feel that they are snug as it not good to wear such heels for a long time.
  • Scrape the bottom of your new heel shoes with sandpaper avoid you from slipping on smooth floors
  • Try to check your heels width and length while you go for buying it as squeezing feet into tight shoes may cause swelling, so try to be careful while buying’. Make sure that you are comfortable with them
  • To balance yourself in shoes try to take yoga that makes you aware of your muscles
  • Keep your full leg properly into shoes that are first put your heels and then your toes properly into your heels. Initially, your whole weight should be on the balls of your feet and then shift too slowly to toes by walking
  • Try to give break to your legs and to your heels for every 20 minutes to make yourself relaxed
  • While walking doesn’t think of slipping if you think in such you will surely lose your confidence this will make you maintain perfect posture.
  • Point your toes directly ahead as you walk, try to bend your knees slightly while walking
  • Try to engage all of your abdominal muscle to make you look slim

You can see This video for more – Thanks KnowingTracy For this video

Top 10 Makeup Trick to Look Younger

Every woman loves to look younger by subtracting their age with the use of right products in their makeup kit. To make their face to look sun-kissed and to hide wrinkles and dark spots they have to follow tips on how to make their face look younger. To hide dark shades on your skin follow our top 10 makeup tips to look younger.

10 Makeup Trick to Look Younger



If your skin seems dry and dull then try to warm up your face by applying yellow liquid foundation to look younger. This gives your skin a brightening and radiant glow. This even helps to hide sunspots that make you feel embarrassing.  Foundation should be applied only in the small amount in a circular format with the help of hands if applied more you can find the thick mask like complexion on your skin that makes you look ugly than natural.

Liquid Concealer

Liquid Concealer

Based on our age you have to apply the concealer. This aids in hiding circles and black spots on your skin.  To get the luminous look just apply the liquid at the places of wrinkles and rinse it well till it gets skin one color.

Brush Blush

Brush Blush

To make your cheeks look pretty and chubby, place your blush brush and rinse it in circular motion based on your selected choice of skin color. Opt for pinks or bronzes to get the younger look to your face.

Brighten Up

Brighten up your skin tone by tapping highlighting cream on your skin. Try to apply the cream uniformly on your skin at the cheekbones, across lips and at the bridge of your nose.

Curl your Lashes

To make yourself look pop and pretty curl your eyelashes with the help of curler. Curling your eyelashes aids in flattening and in dropping the eyelids that makes your eyes look wide open and youthful to an audience.


Prepare yourself to apply waterproof mascara as a double coat to make your eyes look pretty and wide opened. Usually, our eyelids become thinner as we age, so give a double coat of mascara to make them look younger.

Eye maker pencil

Eye maker pencil

To give more radiation to your eyes just apply light chocolate brown or midnight brown at the roots of your lash line with eye maker pencil.  Sparkling eye always gives a youthful appearance to skin tone.

Give A Little Lip

Give A Little Lip

As you become aged your lips color becomes fade and dull, so line up your lip with good lipstick. While applying the lipstick try to start from the border and then go for applying in the middle. After applying lipstick uniformly try to tap your lips with fingers to make edges soft and neat.

How to Make Teeth White – Natural Teeth Whitening Tips

Discoloration of teeth makes you feel embarrassed whenever you move in groups with your friends. Everyone loves to have sparkling whitening teeth that augment an individual beauty. So, in order to get rid of yellowish strains on your teeth which are mainly caused due to drinking, smoking, soda, coffee, tobacco and other can be removed easily by going through our homemade tips to remove stains on teeth and also home remedies to get rid of yellow teeth.

Natural Teeth Whitening Tips

Banana Peel

Banana fruit which is an excellent source of minerals and vitamins like potassium, magnesium is good for health and for teeth. Not only the pulp that is present in banana is good for health but also its peel which is yellowish in color is even good for health. Rub your teeth with the banana peel for at least 2 minutes after eating its pulp to get good whitening teeth.

Lemon Juice and Salt Rinse

Lemon juice which is a good source of citric acid is good for teeth and for dehydration. The acid that is present in lemon in removing the strains that are formed due to virus and bacteria. Swish lemon juice for 2 to three minutes and then wash it off with normal cold water or add it to your toothpaste for normal usual brushing to lighten yellow teeth

Eat strawberries

Strawberries which are excellent sources of nutrients are good for health, hair and skin tone. This fruit encloses an enzyme called as malic acid that aid in removing yellowish stains on teeth.

Baking soda

Baking soda which aid in removing stains on clothes even helps in removing stains on teeth. Apply baking soda that is mixed with a pinch of salt on teeth for one minute once in a week, you can easily see the shining difference after a month.

Crunchy Carrots

Raw crunchy carrots which are sound sources of nutrients and vitamins are good for health and for your skin tone. These help you feel happy and to remove plaque from your teeth. Along with carrots apples and celery are equally important in removing bacteria from your teeth.

Warning Signs of Dementia – Learn Causes Symptoms and Treatment

The most common type health disorders the declines the mental ability of all aged groups is Dementia, Alzheimer’s. This disturbs the normal day regular activities with the memory loss and thinking ability. When compared to adults this is mostly found in individuals above the age of 60 due to some small strokes. If you or any of your family members are suffering from dementia and worried about it follow our guidelines to cure and to identify them with Signs of Dementia.


Warning Signs of Dementia

  • Short-term memory
  • Less Ability to focus and pay attention
  • Lacks in Communication and language
  • We can see Changes in sleep patterns like often waking up at night
  • Changes himself from his mood and personality
  • May not be able to Reason and judge
  • Loses Visual perception
  • Lacks hygiene
  • Confuses with time or place
  • Behaves Oddly
  • Feels Trouble in understanding visual images and spatial relationships
  • Loses ability to retrace steps
  • Apathy

Situations that mainly cause dementia

  • Diseases that are caused collapse or loss of nerve cells in the brain
  • When a person suffers from severe head injuries
  • Due to excessive intake of alcohol or drugs
  • It can also cause in a person who is affected by the disease of excessive blood vessels damage
  • Dementia can also cause in a person who suffers from kidney, lung diseases and liver damages
  • Due to deficiency of vitamin B12 and brain tumors even causes dementia.


  • Give some mental exercise
  • Opt for a surgery or exercises to prevent stress on brain and brain tumors
  • Give doctor prescribed medicine to improve brain functionalities
  • Indulge medicines that are rich in vitamin B12
  • Try to control the problems of a person in behavior in confusion and judgment
  • Take good medicines to treat diseases like AIDS, nutritional disorders, heart failures, depression, anemia and infections that cause dementia
  • Encourage them to take part in regular physical exercises

How to Remove Tan from Face – With Best Homemade Remedies

tanned skin! Though it sounds quite simple and common issue, many of them are concerned regarding it, isn’t it? This results to lose original color and beauty over face, hands, neck. Might be well accustomed with the cause why we fall under it. There are distinct reasons to assail with the tanned skin problem, as it varies amongst two persons such as exposure to UV rays constantly, even negligence to clean face when exposed to polluted environment and more.

When people strategize to hang-out with friends or family duration summer obviously will find much fun and happiness at the same time left with unattractive face due to sun tan over the body. Don’t get panic take a closer look at best homemade remedies to remove it easily.

How to Remove Tan from Face – Home Remedies

To get rid of tan quick, many could use chemical products like cosmetics, facials and all but be cautious because sometimes this may result in side effects. Instead of spending the penny on high-priced foundations the finest solution is to use natural ingredients to restore your lighting complexion.

Tactic 1

Face Pack with Cucumber, Rose Water, and Lemon Juice

Get attractive and adorable skin! To attain blemished and soothing complexion both cucumber and rose water acts as cooling ingredients. Lemon has acidic property, this act as a natural bleach to get rid of tan. One more avail with lemon juice is fighting with pimples to reduce it. Well, look at the process how to prepare face pack.

  • Take a tablespoon of cucumber, lemon juice, and rose water
  • Put all together and mix in a bowl
  • Gently apply with cotton on tanned areas
  • Wait for while appx. 10 minutes
  • The wash-off with cold water

Do remember this packs can be applied regularly on face after you back home from the sun.

Tactic 2

Face Pack with Aloe Vera, Tomato, and Masoor Daal:

‘Aloe vera’ gel acts as the natural remedy to remove pimples and to get back fresh face all the time. The most common and regular home ingredient ‘Masoor daal’ aids in clearing extreme tanning on the skin. Tomatoes assist to rejuvenate the face.

  • Soak a tablespoon of Masoor daal in water for 20 minutes
  • Make it as rough paste
  • Mix this paste with fresh aloe vera gel
  • Take 1 tablespoon of tomato pulp
  • Massage on face and over neck
  • Wait for 20 minutes and rinse it off with fresh water