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Top 10 Home Remedies For Thyroid – Hypothyroid Causes

A health disorder that occurs near throat is hypothyroidism which occurs due to immobility of thyroid. Women spend most of their time in fasting, which results in the reduction of the metabolic rate of the body which is a key factor for thyroid. Even for small problems they react much and undergo stress that affects their hormone functionality and as an outcome of which their brain and thyroid get affected. Here are top 10 home remedies for thyroid.

Top 10 Home Remedies For Thyroid


Ginger which is good anti-inflammatory properties and rich in zinc, magnesium, and potassium is good for the well functioning of the thyroid. It has a lot of health benefits. You can consume this in many ways like.

Ginger paste or its slices can be added I curies or soups and another way of consuming this ginger is in the form of tea that’s nothing but adding few slices of ginger in boiling water, stir it well and have it for at least 2 to 3 times in a day.

Avoid Caffeine

Avoid consuming caffeine in any form of consumption of caffeine leads to more sweating and shivers. Whenever you feel a headache, try to have some herbal teas instead of having caffeine.


If you are suffering from hypothyroidism try to have walnuts and flax-seeds in your diet that are rich in fatty acids to get relieved yourself from thyroid infection.


For the proper functioning of thyroid gland try to have seafood’s, in, your regular diet like arame, fish, nori and more. If possible try to include foods that are the good source of zinc like beef, chicken, spinach, and tuna.


Iodine an important and key product for the proper functionality of thyroid gland for who-so-ever suffers from hypothyroidism. Have foods that are good sources of iodine like spinach, fish, meat, oatmeal, banana, radish, potato, parsley, and eggs. Try to include seaweed in your diet which is a natural iodine supplement.


For the proper functioning of the thyroid gland have at least 4 to 5 pears for balancing and for regulating hormonal level in the body.

Vitamin A

Vitamin A which is thymine is good for eyesight and other for thyroid glands, So better to include food that is rich in vitamin A in your regular diets like mangoes, pumpkins, beetroots, and carrots.

Coconut Oil

Coconut oil that is good for health and for skin is rich in minerals and fatty acids. This even helps in normal functionality of thyroid gland. If feasible try to include Coconut oil as cooking oil and coconut milk as your hot drink after your breakfast.


To improve the blood circulation throughout the body try to do some exercises that improve blood flow and try to have food that is dense enough in nutrients and vitamins like vitamin B2, A, B3, and B6.

Top 10 Home Remedies For Ulcers

A painful aching in the mouth that are caused due to stress and strain are ulcers. This can be found under the tongue, on lips, and in the mouth. These canker sores don’t allow swallowing or having any foods. These are mainly caused due to the deficiency n vitamin B and vitamin C. you can usually found them in white and in yellowish colors and can be healed within 6 to 7 days by following these top 10 home remedies for ulcers.


Top 10 Home Remedies For Ulcers

Basil leaves

Basil leaves which are rich in antibacterial and medicinal properties are good for health and for many other skin diseases. Chew at least 3 to 5 leaves of tulsi or tulsi leaves along with a cup of water to get relieved instantly from ulcers.

Aloe vera

Aloe vera a natural home remedy that has good medicinal values is a good for ulcers. Have at least 2 to 3 tsp of Aloe vera gel twice in a day for quick results.


An effective home remedy for ulcers is gargling of saltwater to remove bacteria to prevent aggravation in the mouth.

Baking soda

Mix a pinch of baking soda in lukewarm water and gargle the saline solution for 5 to 10 minutes to prevent yourself from ulcers. Don’t swallow the water; if you swallow you will suffer from dehydration problem.


Rub the ulcers with the help of honey to get effective results and instant relief from ulcers

Ice cubes

To remove cankers apply the ice cubes on it and rinse it for few minutes to make them disappear. This gives you good relief without any pain. An ulcer should always pain, if you suffer from any of the painless ulcers then it is a good sign for oral cancer

Fenugreek leaves

Boil few fenugreek leaves in a cup of water and strains them well. Now gargle with the help of that water for 5 to 10 minutes daily

Coconut milk

Apply some coconut milk gently on ulcers and massage it well to remove the ulcers permanently


Try gargling with tomato juice for at least two to three times in a day to get rid of ulcers. The acid that is present in them helps in prevention of ulcers and other skin diseases.

Hot drinks

Avoid consuming hot drinks like tea, coffee and having spicy foods in your diet, as this irritates the ulcers and as a result of which the ulcers number gets doubled.


Take a small slice of lemon and rub it on ulcers for few minutes and then give the finishing touch with honey.

Throat Infection Home Remedy – Just see

An inflammation and irritations that are caused in the throat due to bacterial, acid reflux, allergic reactions or viral infections is the sore throat infection. This often leads to a headache, common cold, stomach pain and many others. This pin is quite uncomfortable but can be cured easily by following few top 10 homemade remedies for throat infection that fight against virus and bacteria.


10 Throat Infection Home Remedy

Salt Water

If you are suffering from any of the throat infections, gargle with salt water to get instant relief from throat pain. This water helps mucous membrane to draw more water and to reduce the inflammation.

Honey and salt

Mix a tbsp of salt along with tbsp of honey in a glass of lukewarm water. Gargle the salt and honey solution with empty stomach daily in the morning to prevent yourself from throat infections, to get better do it continuously for 5 days.

Nasal Passages Clear

Try to keep your nasal passages clear and neat to prevent yourself from a dry cough that disturbs your sleep. So try to use some saline nasal sprays to make your mucus membrane wet and to make your breathing easier.

Slippery Elm

Mucus like membrane that forms like a gel and protects us from throat pains is slippery elm. Mix a tbsp of this powder in a cup of boiling water, stir it well and drink at least once in a day to relieve yourself from a dry cough and through pains.

Black pepper powder

Mix a 1 tbsp of black pepper powder and a tbsp of honey in a tbsp of dry ginger powder, and this mixture twice in a day to prevent you from throat infections.

Steam tent

A good remedy for any throat and nose infections is the steam tent, boil a small bowl of water in a bowl and inhale the steam of it for 5 to 10 minutes by covering your head with a towel. Do it at least twice in a day to get instant soothing. You can also inhale by adding few drops of eucalyptus oil in boiling water.

Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple cider vinegar which is rich in antibacterial properties is good for health and for the skin. mix a tbsp of apple cider vinegar in a tbsp of lemon and honey and drink it twice in a day to get instant relief from throat pains and inflammations. For quick relief, you can also gargle apple cider vinegar that is well mixed with lukewarm water and honey.

Boiling milk

Mix a tbsp of turmeric powder and sugar in boiling milk and drink it twice in a day to get relieved from throat pains. Turmeric has good antibacterial properties which are good for health and for the skin.


Drink lemon juice that is well mixed with honey in a cup of water twice in a day to prevent yourself from throat pains and infections.

Homemade Remedies for Chickenpox – Top 10

A Contagious disease that is caused due to a virus called as varicella-zoster is chickenpox. Most often this disease appears in kids below the age of 10. Few of the symptoms of this viral infection disease are the loss of appetite, itchy rashes and fever. When the infectious stage becomes you can find rashes, pimple-like eruptions and blisters on the skin and this infectious virus are transmitted to other persons in the form of air, water and through physical contact. Here we have few useful top home remedies for chicken pox.


Top 10 Homemade Remedies for Chickenpox

Baking soda

Mix a tbsp of baking soda in a cup of water and apply this solution onto your skin with the help of cotton balls and leave it like that till the solution gets dried. Or else mix a half tbsp of baking soda in warm or cold water and have the bath with it for 4 to 5 days.

Neem leaves

Crush the fresh neem leaves that have good antiviral properties into juice and apply it directly on pimple like eruptions to get relieved from pain and itching. You can even prevent blisters by adding the neem leaves in bathing water.


Add the ginger paste on ginger powder to bathing water and have the bath for at least 30 minutes till the itching goes away.

Brown Vinegar

Black vinegar which is a good source of acetic acid has good medicinal properties that kill harmful bacteria present in our body. Just apply the vinegar in the places of rashes and let it dry for few minutes to get relief from itching and pain, if possible you can also have a bath with it.

Vitamin E

To remove the scars just apply the vitamin E capsule oil on the healing places and leave it like that till it gets off dried well. This is a best and easy way to remove the scars on the skin.

Carrot and Coriander

Prepare the soup with the help of carrot and coriander by boiling them in hot water and have this drink twice in a day after cooling it. This is one of the highly beneficial treatments for chicken pox.


Honey Remedy

Honey which has good medicinal and antibacterial properties is good for health and for the skin. Just apply the honey wherever you find rashes and blisters to protect yourself from itching. Try to do this thrice or twice in a day.


Pound the oatmeal into the fine powder and soak it in water for 15 to 20 minutes. Now store it tightly in a cotton clot for few minutes. Now mix the powder in warm bathing water well till they turn to milky color and have the bath for with that water for 15 minutes to get rid of itching and scars.

Ice Creams During Pregnancy – Soft Drinks for Women

Ice Creams During Pregnancy

Pregnancy is the ideal time where you need to be more careful on yourself. To have a healthy baby you need to be more careful about your health and pregnancy is the time where you go crazy behind the candies and ice creams. To set up a healthy child follow few of our tips to care for yourself and your baby.


As we know very well that a soft cool ice cream comes by toning of bacteria listeria and if by mistake pregnant women might have been infected, then there is a possibility of bacteria affecting the placenta and fetus of the mother. Even though the possibility of infection to diseases with ice cream is less they have to be avoided soon.

How To Solve Problems After Post Delivery

A Bacterium called as bacterium Listeria monocytogenes that can tolerate freezing and drying is present in small amounts in the milk of the cow which is not so safe for pregnant women. We know that most of the soft sweet ice creams are made out of dairy products especially from milk which contains this bacterium. So the presence of this bacterium in soft serve may cause some infections in pregnant women which are not so safe.

This bacterium is not so harmful but not so safe to have soft ice serves to pregnant women. Few of the health professionals even suggest that it is not so safe to give ice creams to pregnant women.  And as the alternative, they suggest taking milk which is been heated well to kill the bacterium, yogurt, and cheese which are good for health.

Have ice creams during pregnancy leads to:

  • Premature birth
  • Miscarriage
  • Stillbirth
  • Skin sores
  • Respiratory infections
  • Meningitis

10 Amazing Health Benefits Of Buttermilk

An excellent cooling liquid that is a byproduct of milk which has been churned from curd is buttermilk. This cool drink is rich in potassium, calcium, phosphorous and many other vitamins that fight against pathogens in the body.  This healthy boosting drink is tasty to drink and authentic to appear. Here we have piled few health facts on buttermilk and Health Benefits Of Buttermilk that enhance your immune system.


Health Benefits Of Buttermilk

Nutritional Facts Of Buttermilk

Aids in digestion

As like that of Ginger, pepper and jeera buttermilk is also an excellent source for digestion. These natural ingredients that are made out of milk as high amounts of nutrients and calcium content that aid in strengthening the bones.

Vitamin 12

Vitamin B12 which is a rich source of amino acids and fatty acids fights against radicals that cause anemia, stress and other health disorders. This energy-rich vitamin B12 even helps in promoting the cell growth to convert glucose to energy.


This even aid in preventing the sun burns. If you suffer from sunburn try to apply the paste of buttermilk that is well mixed with 1/2 cup of tomato on sunburns, wash it off with cold water after 15 minutes to feel cool and fresh.


If you suffer from any sort of ulcers and heartburns try to have a glass of buttermilk or in meals to get rid of indigestion and ulcers that disturbs you.

Weight Maintenance

It is a good drink to ward of hunger, whenever you feel dehydrated try to have a glass of buttermilk to lose your tastiness and hunger. People who have the habit of drinking buttermilk regularly tend to have less weight when compared to people who won’t as it has low fats in them.

Reduces blood pressure

Bio-active proteins that are present in buttermilk lower the cholesterol levels, viral and bacterial diseases and cancers.  This cooling drink even helps in lowering the blood pressures.


If you find yourself suffering from dehydration and acidity try to have a glass of buttermilk to get rid of indigestion and dehydration


If you find a child who is suffering from diarrhea and vomiting, give a cup of buttermilk that is added with sugar or honey to get instant relief.

Boost immune system

The lactic acid bacteria that is present in buttermilk help in boosting the immune system by fighting against harmful pathogens or radicals that cause harm to the human system.

How to Make Teeth White – Natural Teeth Whitening Tips

Discoloration of teeth makes you feel embarrassed whenever you move in groups with your friends. Everyone loves to have sparkling whitening teeth that augment an individual beauty. So, in order to get rid of yellowish strains on your teeth which are mainly caused due to drinking, smoking, soda, coffee, tobacco and other can be removed easily by going through our homemade tips to remove stains on teeth and also home remedies to get rid of yellow teeth.

Natural Teeth Whitening Tips

Banana Peel

Banana fruit which is an excellent source of minerals and vitamins like potassium, magnesium is good for health and for teeth. Not only the pulp that is present in banana is good for health but also its peel which is yellowish in color is even good for health. Rub your teeth with the banana peel for at least 2 minutes after eating its pulp to get good whitening teeth.

Lemon Juice and Salt Rinse

Lemon juice which is a good source of citric acid is good for teeth and for dehydration. The acid that is present in lemon in removing the strains that are formed due to virus and bacteria. Swish lemon juice for 2 to three minutes and then wash it off with normal cold water or add it to your toothpaste for normal usual brushing to lighten yellow teeth

Eat strawberries

Strawberries which are excellent sources of nutrients are good for health, hair and skin tone. This fruit encloses an enzyme called as malic acid that aid in removing yellowish stains on teeth.

Baking soda

Baking soda which aid in removing stains on clothes even helps in removing stains on teeth. Apply baking soda that is mixed with a pinch of salt on teeth for one minute once in a week, you can easily see the shining difference after a month.

Crunchy Carrots

Raw crunchy carrots which are sound sources of nutrients and vitamins are good for health and for your skin tone. These help you feel happy and to remove plaque from your teeth. Along with carrots apples and celery are equally important in removing bacteria from your teeth.

Warning Signs of Dementia – Learn Causes Symptoms and Treatment

The most common type health disorders the declines the mental ability of all aged groups is Dementia, Alzheimer’s. This disturbs the normal day regular activities with the memory loss and thinking ability. When compared to adults this is mostly found in individuals above the age of 60 due to some small strokes. If you or any of your family members are suffering from dementia and worried about it follow our guidelines to cure and to identify them with Signs of Dementia.


Warning Signs of Dementia

  • Short-term memory
  • Less Ability to focus and pay attention
  • Lacks in Communication and language
  • We can see Changes in sleep patterns like often waking up at night
  • Changes himself from his mood and personality
  • May not be able to Reason and judge
  • Loses Visual perception
  • Lacks hygiene
  • Confuses with time or place
  • Behaves Oddly
  • Feels Trouble in understanding visual images and spatial relationships
  • Loses ability to retrace steps
  • Apathy

Situations that mainly cause dementia

  • Diseases that are caused collapse or loss of nerve cells in the brain
  • When a person suffers from severe head injuries
  • Due to excessive intake of alcohol or drugs
  • It can also cause in a person who is affected by the disease of excessive blood vessels damage
  • Dementia can also cause in a person who suffers from kidney, lung diseases and liver damages
  • Due to deficiency of vitamin B12 and brain tumors even causes dementia.


  • Give some mental exercise
  • Opt for a surgery or exercises to prevent stress on brain and brain tumors
  • Give doctor prescribed medicine to improve brain functionalities
  • Indulge medicines that are rich in vitamin B12
  • Try to control the problems of a person in behavior in confusion and judgment
  • Take good medicines to treat diseases like AIDS, nutritional disorders, heart failures, depression, anemia and infections that cause dementia
  • Encourage them to take part in regular physical exercises

5 Fruits for Healthy & Glowing Skin

Plain lifestyle differences like having fruits in your daily diet can give you glowing skin. Fruits help with a clear complexion, skin rejuvenation; natural hydration, skin texture improvement and making the skin come into view as very youthful and nourishes for glowing. Fruits are safe with no side effects and are cost-effective at the same time. They are free from toxins and have a gathering of skin and health benefits. Take a look at these methods to have a variant glance on your skin.

5 Fruits for Healthy & Glowing Skin


Bananas are very rich in Vitamins like A, B and E. They act as an anti-aging agent. Have a selection for a facial using a freshly mashed banana in a combination of honey to get glowing skin. It is a rich source of fiber, minerals, magnesium, and potassium as they help inappropriate blood circulation in our body and build immunity from within. They are a great alternative for unhealthy snacking in between meals.


A rich source of antioxidants and an enzyme called Papain, papaya can avoid the skin impurities and remove dead skin cells when used on the skin. Rub your face tenderly with the inside of the papaya for about a minute to exfoliate, cleanse and soften your skin. Smash papaya, add two tablespoons of either honey or yogurt and use this mixture as a mask. Sluice with lukewarm water after 20 minutes and follow up with a moisturizer to notice the difference.


Lemon has high Vitamin C content and usual bleaching properties building it a good cleanser that lightens blemishes, acne scars, spots and skin tone. Begin your day by drinking one glass of warm water mixed with a spoon of lemon juice and one teaspoon of honey on an empty stomach. This mixture fights cellulite and clears your skin deeply. A mixture of lemon juice and honey decreases blemishes and obtain glowing skin.


Dry orange peels, squash them into powder form and store this in a hermetic container. Use this as a natural scrub once or twice weekly for the plain and glowing skin. Oranges square measure wealthy supply of water-soluble vitamin, by this, suggests improves skin texture. It removes blemishes and logically slows down the method of aging.


These fruits have high antioxidant action, preventing cell and tissue damage and works as an anti-aging agent. It helps minimize wrinkles and fine lines keeping the entrails clean. Pertain the apple juice mixed with some honey on your face, let it dry and wash off. This gives very appropriate results that which as a good hydrating face mask.


Not only this 5 Fruits for Healthy & Glowing Skin, every fruit can help your healthy fitness and skin.

15 Things that will Transform Your Life After Engaged

After you engaged, will life changes? Of course, it will be! Even though the person you are going to accept as your hubby or wife is a person you have been dating for a long time, you have some things to change. It has to be having the change even though they understand you very well. Because that is the life! The entire responsibility is on you to maintain your family as that the thing which you have never been faced earlier. You have to do anything discussing with everyone. But there is nothing to be afraid of that because every life is like a tomato sauce – the combination of sour and sweet. Before going to lead that dramatic life, you have to adopt or even else you should be aware of these terms. Have a glance over here to have a complete look at the topic we have discussed earlier..!!

15 Things that You get with Your Partner

  1. All of a sudden, you have a giant set of parents to please and a never-ending list of relatives. A big family hug is the main part and you can’t escape from that!
  2. You have to act like the most traditional type girl when they’re around. Lol..!! Those Tulsi and Parvati characters will become your new role models.
  3. You have to laugh at everything even though when there’s nothing really funny incident at family gatherings. Uff..!! It really unbearable!
  4. The only one single thing the world around you speaks about is your marriage, asking when is that going to happen!
  5. Your imagination will go high and high like a rocket as you picture yourself as the avatar of every movie super-wife who got a super-husband!
  6. You have to watch your words really carefully. Remember, no swearing in front of the would-be in-laws because it is a pure blunder!
  7. Your shopping list becomes longer and longer with gifts for him, his parents, uncles, aunties and the little nephews and nieces.
  8. You can’t pay for to get tanned or plump before the big day. Sunscreen lotions and exercise will become your new besties.
  9. The number of messages and phone calls in a day becomes intolerable. Is there even an hour when your phone is quiet?
  10. Every time you look at the picture of a striking place on the Internet, it becomes your wished-for honeymoon destination. Only till you find the next picture.
  11. You become more careful about new pictures status updates on your social media accounts. In fact, you might even have to do an immense cleanup so your would-be family doesn’t faint from horror. Did your friends just tag you in the pictures from that party? Not at all silly..!!
  12. You become the most beloved new one to the youngsters who freak you out by being super-corny. But all you can do is smile and kiss their cheeks. Oh, God..!!
  13. If you are out with your friends and it gets a bit late, you’re frightened that your mom-in-law is going to call to check up on you.
  14. Your friends keep actuation your leg and claim that you just have modified plenty.
  15. Of course, you have..!! Your family pampers you a lot of as a result of you have got suddenly started happiness to a special one. currently, that’s very unhappy.